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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This life
is full of imperfection; buildings erected suddenly collapse within
a week, someone who you trust with everything in you messes up BIG TIME,
divorce, broken hearts, quarrels, fights, betrayal, all these happen for no
other reason other than our lack of perfection. Someone once said prepare your
mind for the worse than can happen so that when it finally does happen, you
won't find yourself hurt.

due to our inability to be perfect will always have flaws. Show me a
perfect man and I will show
you one thousand flaws of his.That is why we as humans created in God's likely image our heavenly
father, the master of all perfection will always err.

The old
adage says to err is human: to FORGIVE is divine. If the one that err
sticks to this: no one becomes smaller by asking for forgiveness
and actually apologises the one who has been wronged should off course remember
that the one who forgives has a big heart. Not psychic but just
wondering what's going through the mind of that reader who has been severely
hurt "yeah yeah, whatever! Easier said than done, can never forgive Pedro
for breaking my heart". Seriously you have to let go simply because the
fact that you scaled through that phase in your life says a whole lot; what will hurt you won’t kill you, it will
only make you stronger and
So you see that you have not only become stronger, you have also become wiser!

Few days
back on a comment I saw on Facebook, someone was saying I can forgive but how
do you expect me to forget? Yeah I feel you on that, I mean we are human we can
never forget how much we were hurt except one develops permanent amnesia. So
that is where grace comes in, grace is the ability to do what ordinarily you
will not find yourself doing.

is a very bitter experience because it eats you up like a cankerworm, kills
your spirit, makes you mean to the person who has hurt you, sometimes even to
the world. It could even make you depressed because you leave all the hurt
bottled up and refuse to let go of the past. Remember life goes on and no one
is perfect.

To avoid
quarrels and disagreements always admit when you’re wrong. Do not be proud or
haughty, pride goes before a fall.

so that you’ll be forgiven, refusing to forgive the one who has hurt you might
fill the heart of the one who hurt you with great guilt and misery. Let it all
go because trust me it is not worth the hassle.

yes dear you do have to forgive.
a hand withholding forgiveness
it's indeed a sweet feeling
not a bad idea!
there is this feeling of relief when one is forgiven


Anonymous said...

madam, who offend you again ???????

Anonymous said...

an interesting article.wat abt d idea of being a writer'would make a great oppurtunity to fulfil such a great and untapped potential

Emmanuel Ayati said...

Interesting & very inspiring.. recently iwas speaking 2 a group of people & ifelt this strong urge 2 talk 2 them about 4giveness & its unending dangers... suffice it 2 say that d greatest example of forgiveness has been shown 2 us by d one person (Jesus) who should least forgive, yet he had 2 do it cos his destiny depended on it.. & so do urs & mine.
Thanx again Fav 4 reminding us of this vital issue of the heart... MORE GRACE TO YOUR PEN!

myloveforyouistilleternity said...
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Adenike said...

he problem is that some pple find it difficult to say sorry i was wrong,they always feel too big to say dt...........

Don said... the spirit of the lent season, this is apt... nice.

Anonymous said...

favsie u killing it o! Nice articles galfrend...because of u naw i dei into my articles archive ....i dexter bayby

favsie said...

wole,mr annonymous noone offended me o!
da don thanks deary!

thanks so much emma,yeah that's right.

thanks nike,you are very much correct.
thanks dexter,me blushing!

Jackson Agara said...

This is a good one. What people don't know about forgiveness is the forgiver benefits more than the one that is forgiven. Didn't the Lord Jesus said: "if some1 slapped yr right cheek u should turn the left cheek and by so doing u re heaping burning red coal on the attacker's head. Think about this.