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Monday, May 23, 2011


Ever remember this adage, how you DRESS is how you will be adDRESSed. It makes me think that whoever propounded, formulated or brought into existence this wonderful adage didn’t lie at all!
This takes me way back to a couple of months ago when my folks went to colonel sanders and some supposedly high class, expensive chick girl came in and as she was ordering for her stuff. For my aunt to have noticed the chick, trust me there must have been something spectacular about her; according to my aunt, she was looking downright ScAnDaLoUs as all her cleavages was protruding through her blouse, her bum was a sight for some horny jerk, her entire combination was very wanton! And as men will always be men, I honestly don’t blame them, men, even married men ogled and groped, swallowed saliva as they kept on looking at her. What came to my mind, funny though was she had probably forgotten it was afternoon or overslept or was suffering from temporary amnesia and had forgotten to take off the clothes she wore clubbing the previous night! Alas! a very little girl not more than the age of three saw her and immediately hid behind her mother probably out of trepidation and said out loud “mummy look at that aunty, she is a prostitute!”, the girl looked all embarrassed and did not leave until everyone started looking! I’m sure if i was there na me for laugh pass meaning I would have laughed the loudest! I mean will she wanna perform the very impossible task of taking my pop man from me Madre.   Awwww now look at that, she actually could have saved herself that embarrassment only if she had remembered that decency should be your keyword when dressing!
Don’t get me wrong i love looking good but you don’t have to be dressed like a first class whore to be recognised or attended to. You don’t need to look scruffy all because you don’t or you believe you don’t have clothes, the gospel truth is if you wash the little you have, iron it and wear it, you still will succeed in standing out better than the other whore-like dressed girl! This is so especially in this part of the world where we are, In Nigeria it is frowned upon when a lady dresses showing sexual appeal or when a guy sags his trouser.
Do not forget you have to be tidy and neat in the way you dress, carefully wear your clothes, take your time to iron whatever you desire you wear if it needs ironing, the truth is people notice silently even if they refuse to say anything that this girl or dude is neat. Same applies to when you have to go to work or school and you wear a camisole under that low neck blouse, decency!
Probably as a result of the westernization, what we see on MTV, E, fashion TV and the likes, i for one do not have anything with showing a LITTLE cleavage, off course having in mind the exact occasion, imagine I’m going on that dream date with my prince charming, or a young married couple going for a romance escapade. Flaunt but don’t over-flaunt what you have, show your  intended what he will miss out if he dares to leave you, lolls; for the young married couple, the basic truth is men generally like their woman looking good for them esp. the young men who go out and see younger girls and all. Look good but do not forget you have to do so with moderation.
I’ll further go on and say when dressing, bear in mind the occasion, when I go swimming i definitely will not mind wearing some very nice bikini, that does not mean you’ll ever catch me wearing some pant-like bum short outside the four corners of my house during the day, wearing anything of such will create unnecessary attention and if care is not taken insults! Remember there are clubbing outfits, wedding outfits, date outfits, work outfits(except you wanna go seduce your boss at work which I don’t understand why any Jezebel will wanna do that majorly he might be married and......), party outfits, the list is endless. I’ll say decency is wearing a decent bum short and polo top or t-shirt in general. Do not wear a bum short and a monostrap, boob tube, spaghetti top or anything of such, you’ll create that unnecessary attention and insult I’ve been stressing on. Look good, DRESS beautiful and you sure will stand out and be aDRESSed like a queen. Ciao.....
be decent in your dressing and you'll love yourself for it!
This is quite IT!esp for work.....
all na dressing!lol

they look really beautiful without showing any unnecessary flesh!


Anonymous said...

i understand wat u mean but u fail to take in into consideration of d society we live in today, people dress to meet others expectations and not for there own comfort,so wit me i feel if u are comfortable wit wat u are wearing fine i just ave a problem wit people who get dressed and wen dey get outside dey feel uncomfortable wit wat dey are wearing as if someone forced dem to wear wat dey are wearing

favsie said...

i feel you Mr annonymous,they dreSS to impreSS! lol,your last statement sure did get a laugh! thanks for the comment and what you've contributed is duly