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Sunday, January 2, 2011

My 31st

Some cold morning it was,infact i was at freezing point.this was the first time i could affirmatively say i was experiencing the harmattan in lagos.woke up with excruciating pain all over my body,as a result of the previous day's fight.mum came to my room and said she didn't want me not talking to my cousin,she told my cousin the same thing.was still in bed nuturing my pain when my cousin came to my room,she was smiling,tapping me saying "you think you can keep malice with me",i didn't know when i started smiling.sha sha we finally settled,she brought me gizzard which i ate with wild abandon!this time around the morning chores where done by the boys.i just took breakfast,surfed the web,then my battery was low.decided to take a nap when a family friend of mine came around.started gisting with her,we sure did have alot to catch up on.showed her my pictures and the stuffs i had for sale.then it was time for lunch,i had ayamase with rice for lunch.some nice yoruba bet i'm gonna give you the's a must cook and must eat for everyone including you and you and you!after eating,there was light,decided to stay indoors,had i known would have stayed in my room cause staying downstairs meant i had to turn to gate woman,tchew!them mumc came back from the market and they bought a he-goat that so looked like a had beards and horns.immediately i saw this one,omo,mo kan le o(i ran off)!went to my room.surfed the web till it was time for some eating stuffs,you know what i mean.there were lots of things to eat and drink ranging from asun,gizzard,kitkat,irish cream,fruit wine,chocolates biscuit,malt drink and baby cousin had alcohol,thanks to my other cousin!alas he started misbehaving,someone who's naturally shy started dancing yahoozee,alanta and all other dance steps i've never seen,na wah o,see the power of alcohol.everyone went to church but my female cousin and i.i just chilled and surfed the web.they came back from church,went to open the gate,told everyone happy new year then went to bed.
1.Green pepper(unripe pepper)
2.Unripe tatashe
6.seasoning(maggi or knor)
7.Salt to taste
8.Locust beans(iru)
Boil the meat.blend the pepper and crayfish.
Heat the palmoil till it's bleached.put the meat in it and fry a little.put the grinded pepper and crayfish locust beans and fry too till dry then put the seasoning and salt.your mouth watering meal is ready.
Enjoy your meal.


Anonymous said...

funny but swt..... you rily had a wooow christmass.......lmao

favsie said...

lol rowland,thanks deary

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Hey, thanks for the follow on twitter. Like ur pictures... Do u use contact lens or smthn? The bright pics sorta make ur eyes look... erm.. no word for it. haha

Hv u bn on my blog? Check it out when u can :)


favsie said...

you're welcome.thanks.yeah i use contact lens.loolzzz