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Sunday, April 3, 2011


·        Remember the nursery poem I grew up reciting “who sat
and watched my infant head while sleeping on my cradle bed and tears of sweet
affection shed? my mother. Who taught my infant lips to pray and love God's Holy
book all day and walk in wisdom's pleasant way? my mother.  When pain and sickness made me cry, who gazed upon my heavy eyes and wept for fear that I should die? my mother. I really want us to recite this poem with meaning and we’ll realise if we don’t already that a mother’s love is the greatest of all gifts, which demands or requires nothing in return. Nothing is held back when a mother loves her child, she loves and does so with everything in her. It is indeed very valuable, it can’t be bought or sold. I'm so choked up with emotions already thinking of such great love!                                                                                                                                   
Yoruba’s will sing
o   iya ni wura iyebiye, ti a ko le fi owo ra/2ce

oloyun mi fun osu mesan, o pon mi fun odun meta

iya ni wura iyebiye,ti a ko le fi owo ra..
This is so true because sincerely speaking she carried you
in her womb, went true the whole process of coition, conception, the pre-natal
period, she could have aborted you or flushed you out but she did not, finally
she went through the painful process of labour and brought you into this world.
 This reminds me of a friend of mine who said she’ll never forgive her mum for walking out on her family, I made her see reasons why she shouldn’t be mad at her mum, there are two sides
to a story, there must have been a reason her mother walked out on her, her
siblings, and her father, could be there was something her father wasn’t just
saying or.......there just must have been a genuine reason! Iya lo ma n to omo,
the Yoruba’s will say, sincerely speaking...It’s a woman...a mother that truly
knows how to train and nurture her offspring. Nothing can be compared to a
mother’s love! I give it up to my mum and every mother in the world! We love you dads but HAPPY
the symbol of motherhood
mother's embrace
mother and child
Mother's love is the greatest!
she carried you with love for nine months!
who sat and watched my infant head?
God bless my mother.



lovely. God bless our mothers!

favsie said...

thanks hun! AMEN!

ABIGAIL NY said...

Lovely images ... agree with tommylola God bless our mothers.
They do so much and get so little they deserve a day!