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Saturday, March 26, 2011


LOVE.....A wonderful word,a strong word. it is known to make the world go round. it is the greatest gift of all.
The yorubas call it ife
The igbos call it ifunnaya
The calabars call it ime
The afrikaans call it liefde
The french call it l'amour
The italians call it  amore
The chinese call it 爱
The albanians call it dashuri 
The spanish call it el amor
The russians call it любовь
The bulgarians call it любов
The danish call it kærlighed
The dutch call it liefde
The polish call it miłość
The irish call it grá
And so it goes on and on but i simply call it love!
the simple definition i came up with is this
L-life:if you really do love someone you will willingly lay your life down for the person....biblically Jesus did.In titanic jack did.

O-obedience:you'll obey every word that comes out from the mouth of your loved one...the one who you say you will listen attentively and do exactly as you are told.

V-valour:it sure does take great valour to took great valour for Jesus to lay down his life for you and i on the cross believe you me. same as you deciding to love someone for takes great courage because then you are sharing your heart,soul,body with this one person for life!

E-everlasting:if you claim to love someone it should not be a one day thing or a one week thing or a fortnight thing or a one year thing or a one decade thing or a one century thing if we will live that long. love should be a forever thing.

One should also understand the person one loves that is to say there should be mutual understanding between you two.

There should also be this trust between you and the person you love.this unbreakable bonding trust that no other person can fathom.

Learn to accept the one you love for who she or he is not what he or she is. Adaz in his song zaro kome said primitive na somebody wife,lazy girl na somebody darling,talkative na somebody sweetheart, dirty girl na somebody mans food is another mans poison. lol

Also learn to accept when you're wrong,forgive easily,dont push the one you love too far cause you just might end up pushing them away and you will end up being sorry for the rest of your life.

still pondering on that adage i grew up hearing around that love is it? well personally i think what that adage was trying to say is you love one with flaws and all. cause ordinarily i won't say love is blind cause you won't open your eyes wide and go marry a broke arse...pardon me.

i will drop my pen here sweets....this is really just the beginning.
Good morning to my family,friends and loved ones.welcome to a new week and happy sunday,do go to church to my christian peeps and asalatu to my muslim have a blissful,peaceful,lovely and wonderful week ahead and may ur week be filled wiv ME(favour) love you all


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm... R u becoming a mistress of love? Nice write-up though, well done!

mykel said...

Nice one ,am really touched by your write up,big ups sweets ,u are awesome

tazzius said...

this is a nice piece, people should learn from it. good work gal

favsie said...

awwwww thanks mikel blushing! thanks ore mi atata.
mr anonymous thanks as well,pity i dunno who it is,not a bad doc...hmmm

Anonymous said...

Nice one favsie

Akpene sponco anthony said...

Nice one favsie keep it up

favsie said...

thanks mr anonymous

favsie said...

thanks tony blushing.....

Akpene sponco anthony said...

Jesus did, in titanic jack did. romeo& juliet, st valentine also died 4 luv

Anonymous said...

and favsie will also do it again. but dont die like st valentine oooooo.

favsie said...

lol....sponco the badt guy....for defo i won't die like him....thanks dear

Anonymous said...

Love a beautiful expression that one shows to another. Beautiful. God has shown us the greatest love. Well done Favsie.

favsie said...

yeah hun.thanks sarah gordon,really appreciate.

Anonymous said...

U went as far as spain, france...2 learn d meanin of luv bt 4got 2 learn it in housa. Gud work though.

Anonymous said...

Your deep insight on love is amazing, and the way u wove your words into sentences is beautiful. You make me want to fall in love again lol....Nice piece....andre

Jackson Agara said...

That's a great write up as far as it goes. But I will like to add that I will rather live in whatever condition; however, terrible it is to be with my lover. And also to add living to his/her/its life, that is, to enliven the life of my love ones. Love has its house in the heart of God, and in the heart that love blosoms, that person is lifted up to house of God to live eternally. Life is love, and love is life. So love life and live your life to its fullest with love for life is for living.