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Monday, January 3, 2011

new year day

woke up felling really tired,what did i expect,after all i spent most of the night surfing the web.the bad thing was i had to wake up my church while everyone is doing new year faaji,we're praying,listening to prophecies by alagbas(elders) of the church!!!!itz good but the timing is.......had i known would have slept wella the previous night.had my bath,brushed,took my meal and we were off too church by 10 ish. i won't lie immediately i entered the church i dozed conveniently thrice.when i woke up i remembered mumc bought us snacks and i was to distribute it to my cousins and family friends,that was exactly what i did.but there was a major problem,no water or drink to digest the snacks!searched for mum everywhere cause i didn't have a dime but she was nowhere to be found.them boys were doing aka chewing gum.finally went to ask dad who gave me money and i got us wasn't until 6 ish the service ended,you can imagine how beat i was.hmmmm something happened as my popman and i were going to the car oooo,i saw one mallo man with a BIG FAT SNAKE,hmmm i ran like there was no tomorrow,even my popman too ooo.sha sha got to the car and we zoomed off to the house.immediately i got home i stepped down with one big bowl of rice,mo kan gbon(was just shaking) like someone that has never seen food.this time around i made sure i slept early,reciting my nursery school ryhme
Early to bed
Early to rise
Makes a man healthy,happy and strong.....dreamland here i come

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Anonymous said...

So u dey fear snake, ore mi? But if R. Kelly say *singing* move ur body like a snake ma, like dat...shake it till u wanna break ma, like dat na u dey shake and whine pass.